Got Website Problems? Let’s Talk.

I’ve been managing, developing, and designing websites since 2008. I remember my first website I created was in undergrad for my resume in one of my classes for multimedia journalism, and ever since, I’ve loved it. I can design a new website for you or your company from scratch, or manage an existing one for you. Need a website facelift? I can do that as well. I’ll find a solution for your needs.

video & audio

editing, producing

I love video projects. I’ve been shooting, editing, and producing video and audio since I was a junior in high school broadcasting. That’s when I knew I loved it and wanted to continue. To see some of my videos I’ve worked on, see my portfolio. When it comes to audio, I can record, edit, and execute whatever you need. From podcasting, or just voice overs, I have you covered.

graphic design

visual communication

I’ve been doing graphic design projects for ten years. I can design everything and anything you need graphically. Web graphics, print graphics, logos, banners, billboards, you name it. I’ve been working with printing vendors for years, so I know how to design and format vector graphics according to print standards. Let’s talk about your graphic needs!

branding & marketing

need to work on your brand?

Branding is amazing. There is so much psychology and human behavior that goes into what your brand should be. Your brand is a representation of who you are, and what you want your audience to know. It’s like the cover of a book, a first impression… because we all know, people do read a book by its cover, just like your brand. Once we have developed your brand, it’s time to market. I’ve been doing social media, email marketing for 8 years, so I can help you!

social media

let's get social

I’ve been managing and analyzing social media for companies since 2009. With social media, it’s important to analyze what your audience is responding to with analytics in order to craft the perfect message for engagement. I can advise you on how to manage your social media accounts from my experience, or I can manage them for you.

creative consulting

you are still not sure about all of this?

So, this all sounds greats, but you are still not sure if you’re ready to jump on the OC wagon. That’s ok! As a service to you and because I love what I do, I will provide a free 30-min creative consulting, no strings attached. This session can include anything from reviewing your website, logos, tips on social media, or whatever else you have questions about! Contact me, let’s schedule a meeting!

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