how it all started

I was born and raised in a small town, Terrell, Texas. During high school, I took a broadcast journalism class and loved it which sparked my interest in a career path for the first time. So, I applied to the University of Texas at Austin since it had one of the top journalism schools in the nation.

I got accepted. HOOK ‘EM. August 2005 rolls around and for the first time in my life, I moved away from my small town of Terrell where I knew everyone, to a college town where I knew no one. It was scary at first but ended up being amazing. I believe true growth happens when you can take a step out of your comfort zone.

After three years of living the college life, my senior year finally comes around and it was time to start making plans for after graduation. During my senior-level journalism classes, our professors often invited guest speakers from nationally-known publications like the New York Times and the Washington Post. Sadly, the one piece of advice for students was to GET OUT OF JOURNALISM because it was a dying profession due to crowdsourcing. Also, these speakers would often say that journalism is underpaid and underappreciated. Even though I had three unpaid journalism internships under my belt (daily newspaper, NBC, and a travel magazine), I began to rethink my career goals.

I began to learn about virtual storytelling in some of my multimedia classes. I became familiar with graphic design, website design and development, audio and video production, and animation. This is what first sparked my interest in technology and multimedia design.

So before graduating, I landed a paid internship for a lobbying firm doing multimedia, graphic design and video projects, which eventually morphed into a contracted full-time position post graduation. Everything was great, but rent was still ridiculous. Living in Austin, Texas is very expensive, so I began to apply for any part-time work I could find to supplement my income in addition to my full-time position. That’s when I found a part-time administrative assistant role at the Texas Academy of General Dentistry (TAGD), and alas, my association career began.

In 2009, I started working part-time as an administrative assistant at TAGD and was soon promoted to full-time employment and a title change to Communications Coordinator. During that time, I also picked up contract work for other associations doing member services, design, marketing, and social media to supplement my income. In 2011, I was offered a position at the Texas Dental Association (TDA) as a Publications Coordinator. There, I learned even more about the healthcare and dental industry as well as how associations work. I eventually decided after living in Austin for almost 10 years, I was ready to move back to the Dallas area to be closer to my family, but not before finding a job of course. In January 2014, I was offered a position at the National Association of Dental Plans (NADP) as a Communications Specialist. I was soon promoted to Web Manager, and then to Associate Director of Communications and Technology.

During my association career, I have acquired extensive experience in technology strategy and management, digital communications and marketing, social media, graphic design, multimedia production, writing, editing, project management, website design and development, as well as management and integration of eCommerce systems, eCommunities, CRM database platforms, registration systems, Microsoft 365 admin, Adobe teams and information technology software.

In 2017, I earned a Master of Science at the University of Denver in Information Communications and Technology with a focus on website design, development and project management.

From my master’s program, I’ve gained the ability to create interactive, web-based applications that support the demands of contemporary e-business processes. I’m also proficient in the use of project management software and understand how to develop a clear plan that fits within the context of an organization’s strategic vision. I also know how to apply tools and techniques for effective project management while working with practical, hands-on case studies.

My objective is to be a part of an innovative organization where my desire and drive to grow within my field of expertise is rewarded and nurtured in a challenging environment. I am looking for a company or association that has a great culture, outstanding reputation, and needs my skills and experience for decades to come. I would like a director position for the next step in my career.

my work experience

Associate Director of Communications & Technology
National Association of Dental Plans (NADP)
2014 – Present • Dallas

  • Plan & direct the association’s strategy for information technology structure, software, telephone services, networks & websites.
  • Digital marketing & communications (strategy, design, execution, A/B testing, automation & analytics)
  • Website design, development, management, integrations
  • Learning Management System (administrator)
  • Association Management System (administrator)
  • Graphic design for all departments
  • Event mobile app development & execution
  • Video & audio production
  • Social media marketing
  • eCommunity management
  • Tech support / customer support
  • Digital advertising sales & campaign implementation
  • Manage all vendors for digital platforms, including IT

Publications Coordinator
Texas Dental Association (TDA)
2011 – 2013 • Austin

At TDA, I was responsible for advertising sales for the Texas Dental Journal, the longest existing scientific dental journal in the Americas with a readership over 50,000. I also managed all payments for advertising and subscribers for TDA publications. I provided copy editing and proofreading support for both publications as well as graphic design of the TDA Today. I was the staff liaison for the Student Organization which included many visits the dental schools for speaking engagements and new member recruiting events. I also provided graphic design/multimedia support for TDA when needed.

Communications Coordinator
Texas Academy of General Dentistry (TAGD)
2009 – 2011• Austin

At TAGD, I was the point of contact for all technology-related issues. I managed all web platforms and online courses. I provided marketing, graphic design and promotional support for all TAGD educational events as well as our regional component’s CE events (Dallas AGD, Houston AGD, etc.). I managed all social media strategy and campaigns along with implementation, execution, and design of email marketing according to current trends and metrics. I also provided editorial assistance with all print and digital publications. I managed the PACE certification program. I provided support for all communications efforts for TAGD as well as managed volunteer recruitment and member engagement. Provided graphic design and production support for the association’s quarterly magazine, the Texas GP.

Member Services Director
Associated Security Services & Investigators of the State of Texas (ASSIST)

At ASSIST, I designed and created effective marketing mailers that resulted in increased membership. I also maintained membership records and payments. I developed and distributed new membership retention materials as well as statewide email marketing and newsletters. I provided promotional insight and implementation for conferences and regional CE meetings. I was in charge of managing and producing the association’s quarterly magazine, Managing Security Today. This was a contract position where I worked remotely in addition to my full-time job.

Communications Assistant
Public Strategies, Inc.
2009 – 2012 • Austin

For Public Strategies, I created and implemented social media and multimedia marketing for upcoming women’s networking conferences around the nation. I created video highlights through video production software as well as podcasts from conferences for publication. I became proficient in Joomla through various training seminars for the website. This was a contract position where I worked from home in addition to my full-time job.

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educational background

The University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (Multimedia)
2005 – 2009

University of Denver
Master of Science in Information & Communications Technology
Website Design & Development with Project Management
2014 – 2017

Thesis: How to Create an Effective Virtual Team

my skills

  • Digital marketing & communications (strategy, design, execution, A/B testing, automation & analytics)
  • Website design, development, management: HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JSON libraries, XML, leveraging APIs, web page optimization, DOM, AJAX, Server-side scripting
  • Web enabled information systems
  • Graphic design (print & web)
  • Video production
  • Audio production
  • Analytics software for websites, email, mobile, social media, marketing
  • Database management & integration of digital platforms for SSO
  • Project management principles and software
  • Tech & customer support
  • Advertising (print and web)
  • Mobile app development
  • Customer service
  • UX / UI design Methods
  • Information architecture principles
  • Webinar management and facilitation
  • Enterprise architecture principless
  • Problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Attention to detail
  • Copy editing
  • Cloud-based technology
  • Utilization of Big Data into data-oriented environments
  • CASI model method for mapping products & services
  • Budgeting
  • Association management
  • Membership recruitment
  • Information technology management

software proficiency

Adobe Creative Suite

- Illustrator
- InDesign
- Photoshop
- Premiere Pro
- After Effects
- Dreamweaver
- Audition
- Acrobat Pro

Email Marketing

- Informz
- MailChimp
- Constant Contact
Digitized / Automation Marketing Tools

- Feathr
- Marketo
- Campaign Manager (Informz)
- Constant Contact
- MailChimp
Digital advertising manager

- Adbutler
- Google Adwords
Project Management Software

- Microsoft Project
- TeamWork
- Basecamp
- Todoist
- Microsoft Teams
- Microsoft Planner
Video & Audio

- Final Cut Pro
- iMovie
- Adobe Premiere Pro
- Camtasia
- Adobe Audition

Cloud Server Admin

- ShareSync
- Dropbox
- Google Drive
- SharePoint
- OneDrive

Association Management Systems (AMS)

- MemberSuite
- Abila
- iMIS
- Timberlake (now Naylor)
- Nimble
- SAMs / Crystal Reports
Website Content Management Systems

- Drupal
- WordPress
- Sitefinity
- DotNetNuke
- WorldNow
- Joomla
- HigherLogic

Social Media

- HootSuite
- Tweetdeck
Office 365

- Admin Management
- Outlook
- Teams
- Excel
- Word
- PowerPoint
- OneDrive
- SharePoint
- Sway

Google Products

- Analytics
- Adwords
- Google Drive
- Hangout
- GSuite
Learning Management System (LMS)

- CommPartners
- Peach New Media
Event Mobile Apps / Virtual conference platforms

- CrowdCompass by CVENT
- Pathable
Collaboration Software

- Slack
- Microsoft Teams
- Convo
- Yammer
- Skype

who am i?

Okay so now taking off my serious hat – on a personal side note, who the heck am I? Well, here are a few of my favorite things to clue you in: 

family :: friends :: cooking :: K cup coffee :: anthropologie :: boho boutique :: World Market :: dogs :: MY dog Kino :: ALL apple products :: apples :: sage & citrus candles :: froyo :: working out – and pretending I do it everyday :: DVR :: re-purposed things:: websites (of course) :: central market :: goat cheese :: pandora :: prosecco & wine :: PIZZAAA :: Fridays :: tex mex :: Amazon Prime :: brunch :: helvetica LT + Jenna Sue + type writer fonts :: Myer’s cleaning products :: succulents :: adobe cloud :: social meda :: instagram rise filter :: cherry chapstick :: Kendra Scott ::  sleep :: Alamo Drafthouse :: Netflix :: Crate & Barrel :: ginger spice :: design :: traveling :: GoT :: pool time :: exploring new restaurants :: charcuterie :: craft cocktails

Things I geek out about when it comes to creativity:

  • digital marketing
  • anything that has to do with websites!
  • any and all graphic design (print, online, etc)
  • video projects
  • animated typography
  • social media
  • audio editing / podcasting
  • email marketing / template design
  • web / marketing analytics and reporting
  • brand development / design / implementation